Memories of Orange around Baarn

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Baarn
  • 30.09 km (Approximately 01:46 u)
  • Cycling route 410043

Memories of Orange around Baarn

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Baarn
  • 30.09 km (Approximately 01:46 u)
  • Cycling route 410043
If you are a fan of the Dutch royal family, then you should really visit Baarn. This route takes you along special places that have something to do with the royal family and through beautiful nature reserves between Hilversum and Baarn.

Pancake farm De Wildenburg
The starting point of this route is at a parking lot just outside Baarn. From here you cycle to the former Oranjemuseum Baarn on the edge of the city. You will pass through the Baarnse Bos, a forest area of 80 hectares on a spur of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. After a little more than 10 kilometers of cycling you can take a break at Pannenkoekenboerderij De Wildenburg. Here you can satisfy your hunger with a delicious pancake made from ancient grains such as spelled and oats. That certainly provides enough energy for the rest of the route.

Soestdijk Palace
Then you cycle through various beautiful nature reserves on the outskirts of Hilversum. Palace Soestdijk is located on the edge of Soest. From 1937 this was the residence of Princess and later Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. The first homestead on this site was built in 1650. It was even inhabited for a while by King Lodewijk Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte's brother, but since the foundation of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, the castle has been in the hands of Orange.

Low Fire Sche
Near Baarn you will find the small village Lage Vuursche. You cycle around this village on this route. Lage Vuursche has a protected townscape with historic houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and dozens of national monuments. Here you can take a look at the reformed Stulpkerk. Drakensteyn Castle is also a stone's throw from this village.


# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (Anna Paulownalaan, 3743HJ, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Oranjemuseum Baarn (3743HW, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 1.17 km
64 (3743JR, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 2.46 km
63 (3744KD, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.93 km
22 (3744MK, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 6.24 km
16 (3741HX, Baarn, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 7.79 km

Pause places

Pannenkoekenboerderij De Wildenburg

Wildenburglaan 9
3744 MK Baarn

Pancake farm De Wildenburg is located in the green, rural area between Hilversum and Baarn. Sit comfortably in the rustic restaurant or take a seat on the covered terrace and relax during or after a trip through nature. On the menu you will find the most delicious pancakes, but also other tasty snacks such as soups and salads. The pancakes are made with ancient grains such as spelled and oats. Furthermore, organic ingredients are used as much as possible at De Wildenburg to keep all dishes as pure and natural as possible.


Paleis Soestdijk

3762DT Baarn

The Crown Prince and his Russian wife had Soestdijk completely renovated into a real summer palace. Everything was decorated in Empire style with two extra side wings. During the Second World War, Soestdijk Palace housed many foreign soldiers, but when peace returned, the Royal family also returned to the palace. When Princess Beatrix was honored as queen in 1980, the palace no longer became a royal residence. Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard lived there until their death in 2004. Pending a new use, the palace was temporarily opened to the public.

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