Discovered by De Meinweg

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Roermond
  • 55.73 km (Approximately 03:16 u)
  • Cycling route 372887

Discovered by De Meinweg

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Roermond
  • 55.73 km (Approximately 03:16 u)
  • Cycling route 372887

Just behind Roermond, close to the German border, is National Park De Meinweg. You will find a unique piece of nature here by Dutch standards. You will also drive through some Central Limburg church villages and take a trip to some German villages that are located in a rural area.

Blown up churches
In 1945, the Germans blew up the church towers in Vlodrop and Herkenbosch, because they could serve as a landmark. Both churches were badly damaged and have been rebuilt, while the thirteenth-century choir of the Sint-Sebastianuskerk in Herkenbosch could be spared. The Saint Andrew's Church in Melick was completely destroyed and rebuilt at a new location (on the Markt). In the Hoofdstraat in Herkenbosch you also drive past Listening Spot 210 from the Liberation Route.

The Meinweg
De Meinweg National Park is known for its unique terraced landscape. These terraces were created over the course of tens of thousands of years due to the erosion of the Meuse and three fault lines in the earth's crust. Here you cycle through dense forests, stream valleys and heathland. You will find the adder here as the only area in Limburg, you may see it sunbathing. At Farm Terrace and Camping het Spikkerdal you can enjoy a fresh pie with coffee or a dish from the small menu.

Vlodrop Station
Central Limburg has a rich history. Just south of Boukoul, for example, you pass Zuidewijk Spick, a beautiful castle farm from the seventeenth century. North of Vlodrop you pass the Vlodroppermolen, a watermill from 1875. It stands just before the mouth of the Rothenbach in the Roer. Vlodrop-Station is a hamlet that once lay on the Iron Rhine, the former railway between Antwerp and Mönchengladbach. Until February 2015 you could see the well-known College Sint Ludwig at junction 95. Originally this was a Franciscan monastery and boarding school. In 1990 Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi moved into the complex. After years of vacancy, the monastery was eventually demolished. Would you also like to cycle through Roermond and along the Maas? Then also drive route 372894.


# Description Distance
Boerderijterras en Camping het Spikkerdal (Spik, 6042 KT, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
85 (6042LD, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.35 km
66 (Stationsweg, 6045JM, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 3.40 km
65 (6045HR, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 6.01 km
14 (6045GA, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 7.43 km
76 (6074EV, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 10.59 km

Pause places

Boerderijterras en Camping het Spikkerdal

Spik 165A
6042 KT Roermond

Farm Terrace and Camping Het Spikkerdal is located on the edge of Roermond. In addition to this pleasant historic city, you will also find the Maasplassen and De Meinweg National Park in this region, which is part of the Maas-Schwalm-Nette border park. An ideal region for long bike rides. After which you can enjoy a fresh pie with coffee or a dish from the small menu at Farm Terrace and Camping Het Spikkerdal. From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the orchards. Would you like to stay here? Then you can put your caravan here between the fruit trees.

Oetsjpanning de Meuleberg

Waterschei 71
6074 ES Roerdalen

Are you looking for a nice place to have a break in Central Limburg? Then take a look at Oetsjpanning de Meuleberg. This restaurant is located on the edge of the village of Melick. Around the village you will find beautiful hilly landscapes that form the perfect backdrop for a day full of cycling or walking pleasure. Next to the restaurant you will find an agricultural tool museum where you can take a look. With good weather you can enjoy the view and the sun on the terrace. The Meuleberg's menu is full of delicious dishes made with fresh, seasonal regional products. Such a tasty meal goes perfectly with a Gulpener beer. Be sure to try the homemade pies that are available here. Such a piece of pie with a generous dollop of whipped cream tastes delicious with coffee. Italian ice cream is also part of the range. It all tastes equally good at the Meuleberg.



6063 Roerdalen

Mills powered by pure natural power from streams and streams. Miller was a widespread profession in earlier times. One of the few machines in ancient times. Often situated in a beautiful landscape with historical features.

Kasteel Zuidewijk

6071 NC Roermond

Zuidewijk Spick is a monumental castle farm located in rustic Boukoul. It consists of a high mansion under a hipped roof (gray tiles) and, together with the adjoining farm, attached chapel and service buildings, forms a rectangular complex with a courtyard. This whole is enclosed by a moat. The name Spieck or Spick is derived from the word 'spieker', which means 'grain shed'. In the past, the harvest was usually stored in a spieker to protect the field fruits from people who went on a raid.

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