Hoogeveense Vaart - start Echten

Cycling in Hoogeveen, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Cycling route 356816

Provided by: Drenthe.nl

1619 46
32.4 km
01:54 h
570 kcal
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Marketing Drenthe Foundation was established in 2007 on behalf of the Province. Marketing Drenthe is responsible for improving the image of Drenthe in the field of tourism, living and working, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the economic development within these sectors. The core values of Drenthe, such as tranquility, space and originality are made 'future-oriented'. For example, Drenthe must become a vital, dynamic province in the image. The intended result of the campaign is a significant image improvement of the Netherlands' most beautiful province. Marketing Drenthe is a professional, enthusiastic and decisive team with an open attitude to tackle matters and identify new opportunities. In addition, there is the power to connect parties and to improve and strengthen communication in order to put Drenthe on the map.

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# Description Distance
29 (Echtenseweg, 7909HV, Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Nederland) 0.00 km
29 (Zuidwolderweg, 7932PR, De Wolden, Drenthe, Nederland) 0.39 km
75 ('t Huus mit de belle, 7932, De Wolden, Drenthe, Nederland) 1.10 km
78 (Ruinerweg, 7932PD, De Wolden, Drenthe, Nederland) 1.77 km
61 (Echtensedijk, 7931TJ, De Wolden, Drenthe, Nederland) 5.04 km
91 ('t Woldenpad, 7963PG, De Wolden, Drenthe, Nederland) 6.49 km

Place name directory

  • Hoogeveen, Drenthe
  • De Wolden, Drenthe
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