Cycling from Duisburg to Dortmund

Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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71.5 km
04:12 h
1260 kcal
173 m


Cycling through the Ruhr area? Why not? You will find historic city centers and industrial heritage. Moreover, there are indeed beautiful nature reserves. This route takes you from Duisburg, where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine, to Dortmund.

You drive through the suburbs of Essen, but also through the center of Bochum and Dortmund. In Duisburg you can cycle along the inner harbour, among other things. A few years ago, desolate warehouses still determined the image here. Today, the inner harbor with its canal promenades has a Mediterranean atmosphere. In the Altstadt you pass the fourteenth-century Salvator Church, a picture. A little later you drive through the beech forest of the Duisburger Stadtwald.

Green lungs
There are a number of parks and forests between the urban buildings on your route. Just below Essen, for example, you cycle through the Schellenberger Wald, a forest area with many old oaks and beeches. A little later you drive along a green bend of the Ruhr where you have beautiful views of the city and the water. The ancient Weitmarer Holz is an 80-hectare forest below Bochum. Especially on hot days you can enjoy the refreshing shade here between the deciduous trees.

Battle of Muelheim
Mülheim an der Ruhr, who doesn't know the village? Exactly, the first Aldi branch was opened here in 1946. But of course you already knew that. It is less well known that the Battle of Mülheim took place here in 1605 between the armies of general Ambrogio Spinola and... Maurice van Nassau. Right, that of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Spinola had stationed some 20,000 men in the Ruhr area, some of which he sent to Mülheim. Maurice, who was nearby with a much smaller army, wanted to defeat the Spanish contigent at Mülheim in order to weaken Spinola. He nearly succeeded, but retreated when Spinola was rumored to be on the way with reinforcements.

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# Description Distance
Kaßlerfelder Straße, 47059, Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 0.00 km
44137, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 71.53 km


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