Cycling through the Meierij

Cycling in Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands

Cycling route 340465

Provided by: Brabantse Natuurpoorten

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62.5 km
03:40 h
1101 kcal
19 m
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In the past, the Meierij of's-Hertogenbosch mainly consisted of heaths and swamp forests. Now you cycle through a mosaic of farmlands, nature reserves and characteristic Brabant villages.

poplar landscape
You cycle through the Vressels Bos and the Mariahoutse Bossen. In the last century there was hardly a tree to be seen here. Scots pine, beech and oak were planted in the 1920s on former moors. Around Veghel you can still see poplars growing along some roads. These trees were mainly planted along public roads in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The wood from the poplars was sold to the local clog and match factories.

carnival name
In addition to nature, you will also discover various Brabant villages. You drive through Mariahout and Mariaheide, two former mining villages where the churches were only built after 1900. Places such as Erp, Zijtaart, Keldonk and of course Uden have a much longer history. The Biggenmarkt traditionally took place on the Marktplein in Uden. This is where the people of Uden owe their carnival name'Het Knoerissenrijk\\\' (a knoeris is dialect for pig). After your bike ride, you can enjoy a drink and meal at the Vresselse Hut.

Surrounded in Uden
Between Uden and Mariaheide you will pass L120, a listening point from the Liberation Route. Learn about the grim battle US soldiers fought here in September 1944, after being cut off by German troops. A battle that also had an effect on Operation Market Garden. Do you want to enjoy the Brabant country again? Then also cycle route 137632. Or walk through the surroundings of the Vresselse Hut with route 334171.

Bicycle cafe Liberation Route Museum Nature gate
Brabantse Natuurpoorten

Brabant Nature Gates are d? starting points for a cycling or walking tour through the Brabant countryside. Nature gates are located on beautiful nature reserves. There is always a catering point, nice cycling and walking routes, ample parking and information about nature and the routes.

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# Description Distance
Natuurpoort de Vresselse Hut (Vresselseweg, 5491 PA, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
De Vresselse Hut (Vresselseweg, 5491 PA, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
23 (5491RH, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.07 km
24 (5465LD, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 6.17 km
93 (5465LC, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 7.84 km
3 (5469GM, Meierijstad, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 14.63 km

Place name directory

  • Meierijstad, North Brabant
  • North Brabant
  • Uden, North Brabant
  • Boekel, North Brabant
  • Laarbeek, North Brabant
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