Jan Q

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Midden-Delfland
  • 50.31 km (Approximately 02:57 u)
  • Cycling route 3392494

Jan Q

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Midden-Delfland
  • 50.31 km (Approximately 02:57 u)
  • Cycling route 3392494


# Description Distance
Paviljoen 't Middelpunt (Dorpsstraat, 2636 CJ, Midden-Delfland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Vlietzicht (2636 BD, Midden-Delfland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.82 km
Monsieur Paul (Noordvliet, 3142 CH, Maassluis, South Holland, The Netherlands) 12.00 km
Wollebrand (2675 LJ, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 22.56 km
Brasserie Bijna Thuis / Hotel Hoevevoorde (Van Vredenburchweg, 2285 SE, Rijswijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 32.13 km
Herberg Vlietzigt (Herberg Vlietzicht, 2288 AB, Rijswijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 36.71 km

Pause places

Paviljoen 't Middelpunt

Dorpsstraat 57
2636 CJ Midden-Delfland

Pavilion't Middelpunt is located on the water of the Vlaardingsevaart. From here you can reach the old village center of Schipluiden in no time, but it is also the perfect base to discover Midden-Delfland by bike or on your walking shoes. Make a stop at Paviljoen't Middelpunt during or after your trip and enjoy the sun on the terrace with a snack and a refreshing drink. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a delicious lunch with rich sandwiches and a soup or an extensive dinner here. Sit down and let yourself be pampered by the employees of Paviljoen't Middelpunt. Do you not only want to enjoy the view over the water from the terrace, but also want to get out on the water yourself? Then rent a boat or a canoe and get ready for an hour of water fun. The children can have fun on the water with, among other things, pedal boats and swans.


2636 BD Midden-Delfland

Vlietzicht is a restaurant that is hidden in nature between Rotterdam and Delft. An ideal base for exploring the Westland by bike. In Midden-Delfland there is a surprising amount of natural beauty to experience and of course you can admire old towns such as Maasland, Maassluis and Delft. At Vlietzicht it is wonderful to switch back after a day in the open air with a drink, lunch or dinner. Handy: Vlietzicht has a charging point for electric bicycles.

Monsieur Paul

Noordvliet 5
3142 CH Maassluis

Brasserie Monsieur Paul is a brasserie in the middle of the historic city center of Maassluis. A wonderful base for cycling along the Nieuwe Waterweg, through the Westland and through the old Delft. After a breath of fresh air, it is nice to get off at Brasserie Monsieur Paul. This catering facility has been a household name in Maassluis and the surrounding area for more than twenty years. What started as a croissanterie is now a busy brasserie with a warm, homely atmosphere. In summer it is good to relax on the terrace boat in the Noordvliet. Brasserie Monsieur Paul has recently opened on Friday and Saturday evenings, with tapas on the menu.

Brasserie Bijna Thuis / Hotel Hoevevoorde

Van Vredenburchweg 170
2285 SE Rijswijk

At Brasserie Nearly Home they are happy to welcome you in the new restaurant or on the cozy terrace. Brasserie Nearly Home means enjoyment with a capital G. Even quality time, some time for each other in a beautiful wooded area between The Hague and Rijswijk. A wonderful base for all your walks and bike rides! Beautiful Delft is also close by, as is the coast.

Het Rieten Dak

Middelweg 3
2616 LV Delft

The Rieten Dak is located in a beautiful spot in the Delftse Hout, along the canal between the Grote Plas and the Hertenkamp. In all seasons, Het Rieten Dak is an ideal location to enjoy this rural environment. Under the thatched roof of the truncated mill-like exterior, you will find a modern, attractively decorated winery, also'petit restaurant\\\', with the attractive Wintercafe on the first floor. Surrounded by old chestnut trees, Het Rieten Dak is surrounded by a very spacious terrace with cozy seating areas. You will find 200 parking spaces on P2 on the Tweemolentjeskade: plenty of space!

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