Cultural history in the beautiful landscape of Gennep

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Gennep
  • 48.14 km (Approximately 02:49 u)
  • Cycling route 338666

Cultural history in the beautiful landscape of Gennep

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Gennep
  • 48.14 km (Approximately 02:49 u)
  • Cycling route 338666

This cycle route starts in the historic center of Gennep. You cycle along the beautiful floodplains of the Maas in the direction of Heijen. The route takes you through the nature reserves De Lange Ven in Heijen and the Looierheide in Gennep in the direction of Ottersum. Here you cycle past a former monastery complex on the Roepaen estate.  The complex now functions as a congress hall and cultural center. The 5-hectare estate is now used for various group activities.

Via the picturesque village of Ven-Zelderheide you continue cycling along the beautiful Reichswald. This forest is one of the largest nature reserves in the Niederrhein and in the Middle Ages it was a popular hunting ground for imperial visitors to the Nijmegen Valkhof and the dukes of Guelders and Cleves. The permanent inhabitants of this forest area are roe deer, red deer and wild boar.

You then cycle through the historic Genneperheide back to the city center of Gennep. This city is full of sights. Discover here on the Ellen Hoffmannplein, the unique mosaic square, why Gennep is also called'Ceramic City\\\'. Also pay a visit to the old Town Hall of Gennep. In 2000, a pair of storks settled here and each summer find their way back to Gennep to raise the little ones.


# Description Distance
VVV Gennep (VVV Gennep, 6591 BZ, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
25 (6591DB, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.21 km
51 (6591GT, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.75 km
29 (6598AA, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.82 km
88 (6598MG, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.96 km
44 (6598MG, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 9.23 km


Uitkijktoren Genneperhuis

6591BS Gennep

The Genneperhuis, a castle at the mouth of the Niers in the Maas, used to be located on the site of this watchtower. All that's left of that is a ruin. In 2009 the ruin was somewhat restored and the watchtower was built on the spot where a tower already stood. This tower was even there before the Genneperhuis was built on this spot. There used to be a Roman bridge near the church in Cuijk. The tower offered a view of this bridge. From the tower you have a wide view over the point where the Niers flows into the Maas and in the distance you can see Cuijk, Milsbeek and Ottersum. The tower is easiest to reach from the Bloemenstraat in Milsbeek. From the parking lot you can follow a walking path until you arrive at the ruins of the Genneperhuis. Walk around the ruins and you will automatically end up at the stairs of the watchtower. This staircase is located on the side of the Maas.

Bezoekerscentrum St. Martinustoren

6591 CD Gennep

The Martinustoren is a remnant of the Saint Martin's Church, which was destroyed in 1945. The tower was built in 1869 and today it functions as a visitor center. In the tower you can get more information about the cultural history and nature of Gennep and the land of Maas and Niers. You can also climb the tower to enjoy the view from the top floor over Gennep, Maasheggen, St. Jansberg and Reichswald. When World War II was nearing its end, many towers along the Meuse were destroyed by the fighting that took place there. The Martinustoren is the only tower located directly on the Maas, between Mook and Roermond, that survived the fighting. On the second floor of the tower you can watch films about the battle that took place in this region from September 1944 to March 1945. From the top floor you can look out over the places where fighting took place during the operations Market Garden and Veritable.

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