Corry 123

  • The Netherlands
  • Zeeland
  • Veere
  • 29.01 km (Approximately 01:42 u)
  • Cycling route 3368250

Corry 123

  • The Netherlands
  • Zeeland
  • Veere
  • 29.01 km (Approximately 01:42 u)
  • Cycling route 3368250


# Description Distance
45 (4373SE, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
50 (4373, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.81 km
49 (Dorpsstraat, 4373AE, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 1.80 km
48 (Valkenisseweg, 4373RW, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 2.92 km
44 (4373RP, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 3.68 km
80 (John O. Forfarstraat, 4371JB, Veere, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 6.23 km

Pause places

9-Daagse individuele fietsvakantie langs de Noordzee

Coosje Buskenstraat 4
4381 LE Vlissingen

This individual bicycle trek of 9 days is a part of'cycling along the borders of the Netherlands\\\\\\\\\\\\\'. During the'North Sea\\\\\\\\\\\\' route you will cycle along the North Sea coast at approximately 45 kilometers per day. You cycle from Vlissingen in Zeeland via the Oosterschelde (former estuary with many nature reserves), then you cycle over the Delta Works of Zeeland and the bustling Europoort to the South Holland dunes and the'water borders\\\\\\\\\\' or North Holland. Holland. With the IJsselmeer on your left, your tour ends in Enkhuizen. What a special cycling trip! With the sea as a constant view, you are assured of the most beautiful sunrises, endless cycle paths through ancient dune landscapes and the finest fish restaurants. For this unique cycling holiday you can use the handy Auto Transport Service. A professional organization ensures that your car is parked where your trek ends.

Brasserie Evertsen

De Ruyterplein 1
4381BZ Vlissingen

Welcome to Brasserie Evertsen. Brasserie Evertsen enjoys a unique location in the heart of Vlissingen with a beautiful view of the Westerschelde, the busiest river in Europe with approximately 70,000 ship movements per year. Brasserie Evertsen can accommodate 60 people inside and 120 people outside on the terrace. Brasserie Evertsen offers a wide range of fish and meat dishes, with great care being taken to ensure a good price/quality ratio. We work as much as possible with homemade products such as our soups, sauces, croquettes and our popular apple pie. In short, it is the ideal place to completely relax during your bike ride! Enjoy it!



B-4382 Vlissingen

In no other city do ships sail so close to the boulevard. The more than two kilometer long boulevard is the calling card of Vlissingen.

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