eleven ice creams anyway (seesaw)

  • The Netherlands
  • North Brabant
  • Cuijk
  • 82.80 km (Approximately 04:52 u)
  • Cycling route 3323009

eleven ice creams anyway (seesaw)

  • The Netherlands
  • North Brabant
  • Cuijk
  • 82.80 km (Approximately 04:52 u)
  • Cycling route 3323009


# Description Distance
IJs & Spijs (Burgemeester van Hultenstraat, 5443 AP, Cuijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Heldro IJssalon (Sint Janstraat, 6595 AA, Gennep, Limburg, The Netherlands) 10.58 km
IJssalon Clevers Arcen (Raadhuisplein, 5944 AH, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 42.58 km
IJssalon Clevers Tienray (Spoorstraat, 5865 AE, Horst aan de Maas, Limburg, The Netherlands) 50.59 km
IJssalon Clevers Overloon (Venrayseweg, 5825 AA, Boxmeer, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 66.03 km
IJs & Spijs (Burgemeester van Hultenstraat, 5443 AP, Cuijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 82.80 km

Pause places

IJs & Spijs

Burgemeester van Hultenstraat 1a
5443 AP Cuijk

IJs & Spijs is one of the best ice cream parlors in the Netherlands. Enjoyment is central here, relax and wonder in a tiny village in Brabant, in Haps. Ice cream and chocolate are made here with passion and love, usually slightly different from all the others. The Master Ice Cream Maker is better known here as an ice cream wizard. Haps is a nice base or stopover in the triangle Cuijk, Mill and Boxmeer, in Northeast Brabant. A beautiful and authentic area to explore by bike or on foot!

Heldro IJssalon

Sint Janstraat 41
6595 AA Gennep

Heldro's ice cream is world famous in North Limburg. You will find more and more outlets for this delicious ice cream throughout the region, but in Ottersum you are at the place where it is made. An ideal starting point for a nice cycling or walking tour through the beautiful surroundings around the river De Niers. Enjoy this famous ice cream on your return! You can also easily park in the immediate vicinity.

IJssalon Clevers Arcen

Raadhuisplein 11
5944 AH Venlo

Ice cream parlor Clevers in beautiful Arcen is a wonderful base for your walking and cycling trips here in Limburg. You can easily find the ice cream parlor on the characteristic square in the middle of Arcen. At the rear is a beautiful large terrace with a beautiful view of the Maas, a real insider tip! Arcen is a beautiful village. Right behind the ice cream parlor, you board the pedestrian and bicycle ferry that connects Arcen with the Rozendorp Lottum. Of course Arcen is also known for the beautiful castle gardens - and the many cycling and walking routes!

IJssalon Clevers Tienray

Spoorstraat 1
5865 AE Horst aan de Maas

The newest ice cream parlor of Limburg is located in Tienray. Here you may find the best ice cream in Limburg. Clevers is locally world famous for its delicious preparations. In season you can enjoy the lovely terrace in this picturesque center. In short, an ideal resting point for your beautiful cycling and walking tours in this beautiful region. In winter they have limited opening hours and are closed in January and February.

IJssalon Clevers Overloon

Venrayseweg 5
5825 AA Boxmeer

Ice cream parlor Clevers Overloon is located in the middle of Overloon. Clevers ice cream makers have been looking for the tastiest products for years, resulting in delicious taste sensations. So treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream to taste it for yourself. But beware: there are so many different ice cream flavors on the menu that it can take a while before you have made a choice. You can also come here for frozen yogurt, smoothies, waffles, pastries, a cup of coffee or another drink. The ideal way to relax after a beautiful walking or cycling trip.

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