Gein and Vechtroute

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • De Ronde Venen
  • 43.67 km (Approximately 02:34 u)
  • Cycling route 331617

Gein and Vechtroute

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • De Ronde Venen
  • 43.67 km (Approximately 02:34 u)
  • Cycling route 331617
The route starts at TOP Abcoude and partly runs along the winding river Gein. Further on - on the other side of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal - at Nigthevecht you follow the Vecht and along the"Wide Blik\\\" and the"Loenderveense plas\\\"

The White Lady
De Witte Dame is the current name for the former station building, which was opened in 1871 and served until 1977. There was room for the station service on the ground floor. Three service residences were realized on the top floor: for the station master, for the station keeper and for the bridge keeper. The building was completely renovated in 2015 and nowadays it houses a Bed & Breakfast with a restaurant. The walking path to Fort Abcoude runs across the grounds of De Witte Dame.
Address: Stationsplein 3, Abcoude Internet:

Mondrian mill
The Oostzijdse molen, also known as the Mondriaan molen, is a Dutch, 8-sided ground sailer on the river Gein, which was used as a polder mill. The mill is completely intact and"grinding\\\". The Mondriaan windmill has been the setting of many painters, including Mondrian and Roelofs. Until 1950, this paddlewheel mill drained the Oostzijds polder. The mill is now used as a holiday home and meeting location. When the mill is running you are welcome for a visit!
Address: Gein South 14, Abcoude Internet:

Fort near Nigtevecht
Fort bij Nigtevecht is hidden in the greenery on a quiet road near the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Nature is central in and around this fort. You can also enjoy a lovely walk and enjoy the various animal species in the area, such as the grebe and the reed warbler. There is a memorial on the fort. The deceased can be commemorated here, together or alone, and with or without ashes. Moreover, you can make your own memorial. Fort bij Nigtevecht is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fort near Nigtevecht was built to defend the accesses formed by the Merwede Canal (now the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal) and the Vecht. It also protected the locks between these waters. Special about the fort are the two restored buildings where the lifting domes used to be. The retractable turrets were removed by the Germans in 1940 and melted down for weapons production.
Velterslaan 1, 1391 HV Abcoude

Wide View
Wijde Blik is the largest and deepest lake in the Vechtplassen, because not only peat, but also sand has been extracted here for many years. The lake does not usually freeze over in winter. Winter guests such as goldeneye, wild duck and widgeon benefit from this. In the spring the great and little reed warbler, grebe, coot and reed warbler breed in the reed collars.
Special plants such as the galigaan live in the lake. The rare plant does well here, because the water mainly consists of calcareous, nutrient-poor seepage water. The inflow of nutrient-rich water from the Vecht has limited Natuurmonumenten.

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# Description Distance
De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands 0.00 km
Broekzijdse Molen (1391HA, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.07 km
65 (1109BS, Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands) 5.83 km
42 (Dorpsstraat, 1393NL, Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 10.58 km
42 (Dorpsstraat, 1393NK, Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 10.78 km
41 (Eilandseweg, 1394JE, Wijdemeren, North Holland, The Netherlands) 10.90 km

Pause places

Ollie’S Coffee And More

Kerkplein 1
1391 GH De Ronde Venen

At Ollie\\\'s Coffee And More you can find the very best coffee, tea, organic fruit juices and soft drinks. There are also delicacies such as homemade apple pie and lemon cheesecake. Fancy a lunch? You can come here for delicious sandwiches, piadina\\\'s and toasted sandwiches. The beautiful vintage interior ensures that you really get away from it all and can fully relax and enjoy all the goodies that Ollie\\\'s has to offer. The kitchen brigade works as much as possible with organic and local products. Both coffee and sandwiches are also available as'to go\\\'. You can also rent bicycles here!


Broekzijdse Molen

1391HA De Ronde Venen

This polder mill was built in 1641 on the river Gein. Until 1890, the mill was used to drain the Broekzijde polder, in recent years supported by an auxiliary pumping station.

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