LF Cycling Club: VF Route 20382 St-Truiden-Borgloon

  • Belgium
  • Flanders
  • Sint-Truiden
  • 61.44 km (Approximately 03:36 u)
  • Cycling route 3260250

LF Cycling Club: VF Route 20382 St-Truiden-Borgloon

  • Belgium
  • Flanders
  • Sint-Truiden
  • 61.44 km (Approximately 03:36 u)
  • Cycling route 3260250
On this route, don't forget to climb the Abbey Tower at FKP 135, but also the watchtower after FKP 169. But also the detours to the castles. And to the fruit experience center Stroopfabriek in Borgloon. For more tours, see our site: www.fietsclubbrabant.nl
Have fun cycling!


# Description Distance
172 (3800, Sint-Truiden, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
180 (3800, Sint-Truiden, Flanders, Belgium) 1.40 km
171 (3840, Borgloon, Flanders, Belgium) 5.92 km
Uitzichtpunt Honsberg (Kerselaarstraat, 3840, Borgloon, Flanders, Belgium) 7.69 km
149 (3830, Wellen, Flanders, Belgium) 11.20 km
148 (3831, Wellen, Flanders, Belgium) 12.13 km

Pause places

Toerisme Borgloon

3840 Borgloon

The meeting with Borgloon would not be complete if one would not tour the old land of Loon, cycling from node to node. In April, the thousands of fruit trees - with the promise of a rich harvest - become gigantic blossom bouquets. You can also rent a bicycle here after reservation. Peace, space and oxygen, three assets that make Haspengouw the ideal hiking region. Both the nature and city walks lead you along beautiful and unique places.


Uitzichtpunt Honsberg

3840 Borgloon

Climb the Honsberg to the viewpoint to see the beautiful landscape from a new point of view. Enjoy!

Kasteel Rullingen

Kasteel van Rullingen
3840 Borgloon

This castle was replaced in the Middle Ages by a typical Maasland water castle. The castle was adapted in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the then prevailing living standards.

Fruitbelevingscentrum Stroopfabriek Borgloon

De Smaakfabriek 8
3840 Borgloon

Discover the fertile past and the fruity future of the Stroopfabriek and the Haspengouw fruit region. In the fruit experience center, you can follow the path that a tasty piece of fruit travels at your own pace using fun experience modules, from budding fruit to its processing in delicious regional products such as Loon syrup. Everything is aimed at making the experience for young and old as great as possible. After your visit, spoil your taste buds with a visit to the local produce shop. Those who like to put their feet under the table can visit bistro 'De Smaakfabriek' for delicious regional dishes.

Le fond d'Or

Borgloon Gillebroek 71
3840 Borgloon

Luxurious and tastefully furnished holiday home for 2 to 4 people with closed and covered bicycle shed and bicycle rental, ample parking, WiFi and Netflix. Possibility to order breakfast basket. In the beautiful garden with Jacuzzi you can completely relax or enjoy a relaxing head massage. The holiday home is ideally located for getting out and about in the fruit region. Cycle through the rich past, walk past the famous see-through church, rent a Vespa or 2 PK goat and visit the neighboring cities such as Hasselt, Sint-Truiden. Liège, Maastricht ...

Kasteel Heks

Kasteel van Heks
3870 Heers

Castle Heks is a castle in the village of Heks. The castle was built from 1770 for Prince Bishop of Liège Franciscus Karel de Velbr? Ck. At the castle you will find a Chinese garden, a rose garden and a vegetable garden.

Chateau de la Motte

3800 Sint-Truiden

Chateau de la Motte is a romantic castle domain with a moat around it. Around the castle you will find extensive forests and meadows. The castle was built between 1342 and 1367.

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