B: Volendam route (blue)

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Landsmeer
  • 47.25 km (Approximately 02:46 u)
  • Cycling route 1881912

B: Volendam route (blue)

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Landsmeer
  • 47.25 km (Approximately 02:46 u)
  • Cycling route 1881912


# Description Distance
Scooter Experience (Noordeinde, 1121 AE, Landsmeer, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
4 (1121NL, Landsmeer, North Holland, The Netherlands) 2.90 km
37 (1027AA, Landsmeer, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.29 km
38 (1454AV, Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.72 km
1 (1151BX, Waterland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 8.28 km
57 (1153PB, Waterland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 10.92 km

Pause places

Scooter Experience

Noordeinde 54A
1121 AE Landsmeer

With the Scooter Experience you can choose from different electric scooters for a nice trip through a beautiful Dutch area, just above Amsterdam. An original way to discover Waterland and the Zaan region! You will find choppers, vespas and retro scooters. Also suitable for children on the back. Electric driving is great: it's relaxed, it's quiet, very easy (anyone can do it), clean and very comfortable.

Paviljoen Smit-Bokkum

Slobbeland 19
1131AA Edam-Volendam

Pavilion Smit-Bokkum is more than a restaurant. The most popular place in the Pavilion is undoubtedly the terrace. This can accommodate more than 100 people with a beautiful view of the IJsselmeer and the Marina. There is a permanent exhibition of sculptures in the adjacent shell beach. The Palingsoundmuseum in Pavilion Smit-Bokkum offers a search for 100 years of musical blood in Volendam. When you enter the Pavilion, you will also find the tasteful shop with home-smoked delicacies. In short, a pearl on the IJsselmeer.

Café De Drie Zwanen

Den Ilp 68
1127 PG Landsmeer

Cafe De Drie Zwanen is a cozy cafe for young and old in a beautiful location on the Twiske. The cafe has acceptable parking space and a large bar. There are 3 billiards available and there is a possibility to play darts. On the terrace you can enjoy the good atmosphere and a coffee or something else at your leisure. In addition to Cafe De Drie Zwanen, B&B Het Zwanennest has been realized with its own entrance and includes 2x2 person rooms with Wifi Television Computer.


De Joodse begraafplaats

De tochtgenoten - 'Rachel beweent haar kinderen'
1135 VN Edam-Volendam

A small Jewish cemetery has been preserved along the Oorgat in Edam, near the place where the Oosterpoort used to be. The oldest preserved tombstone dates from 1804, but the cemetery is older: it was decorated in 1793. When entering the cemetery, your attention is immediately drawn to a red tombstone in the middle of the cemetery. However, it is unknown who is buried, as the stone is completely blank. During a restoration, the letters on the headstones were painted black, making them legible again. Opposite the cemetery is the monument De tochtgenoten, by Hubert van Lith, which was erected to commemorate the Jewish Edammers who died during the Second World War.

De Speeltoren in Edam

1135 AM Edam-Volendam

This tower of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe or Kleine Kerk dates from the 15th and 16th centuries. As early as 1350, mention was made of a church or chapel on this site. The church itself was demolished in 1882, but the stone foundation was rebuilt between 2006 and 2007. The slender late Gothic tower bears a carillon from 1561, cast by Pieter van de Ghein from Mechelen. Later the carillon was expanded considerably. That is also the reason that some of the bells hang outside the open lantern. In 1972 a local resident discovered that the tower was in danger of falling, fortunately the danger could be averted in time.

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