Through the heart of Maastricht

Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands

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42.8 km
02:31 h
754 kcal
158 m


Cycling through the heart of Maastricht, along the banks of the river and over the Maasboulevard, is a great experience. Here you can taste the atmosphere of the Limburg capital and it becomes clear why Maastricht is known as one of the nicest cities in the Netherlands. Sint-Pietersberg is best known for the Limburg marl that is extracted there and the tunnel systems have become a true tourist attraction. On and against the mountain are beautiful fortresses and castles, which revive old times and atmospheres. The longest walking route in the Netherlands starts (or ends) at the top of Sint-Pietersberg. And you touch Belgian territory, because if you cycle so far in the south, a visit to our southern neighbors is not to be missed! The first point of interest on the cycle route is Château Neercanne, which was built on Roman fortifications. The caves of those works are included in the castle and are used as a wine cellar. The current building is first mentioned in 1353, but after the destruction of the building, the outbuildings and the striking southern corner tower were built in 1611. A restaurant with a Michelin star is located in the building. The well-known corridors of the marl caves are located behind the castle. A few hundred meters further you can enter the wine cellars of Château Neercanne, which were created in those marl caves. The caves provide the ideal conditions for the wines to be preserved: a perfect temperature and a relatively dark environment. The walls have been edited so that the history of the Château can be read here. A little further you will pass Huis Blankenberg. The castle was built around 1825 on the foundations of a medieval fortress in the shape of a lighthouse. The complex has belonged to the Academic Hospital Maastricht since 2004 and was used as a nursing and recovery clinic. At the end of April 2010 it was bought by a Catholic foundation in Blankenberg. This beautiful house is on the national monument list. About seven kilometers further you will pass the last point of interest of the cycling tour: farm Libeek. This is a large castle-like farm that was founded around the thirteenth century. It is the largest farmhouse in Limburg built around a square courtyard. The marl stone house dates from the 16th century and the wings, formed by stables, date from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Libeek farm is also on the list of national monuments. Also look into your eyes from the hamlet of Sint-Anthoniusbank. About 40 houses make up the hamlet. Until 1827 it belonged to the municipality of Heer en Keer, but after that it became the municipality of Cadier en Keer. In 1982 Cadier en Keer municipality came under the municipality of Margraten, which merged with Eijsden in 2011. There are many historical elements in the hamlet if you know where to look. Despite the small scale, you can find two closed square farms, but also a monumental farm that dates from the seventeenth century despite its nineteenth-century construction, a former monastery in which apartments have been made and an old farm with remnants of a square tower and a covered well . Another beautiful building is the country house from the seventeenth century, which is called De Houweert. Rectangular, built with bricks and closed on the south side with a gable end, the building dominates the estate on which it is built. Against the west facade is a square turret and on the east side is a beautiful protruding chapel with bevelled corners. Nowadays it houses a hotel/restaurant and rooms are rented out for meetings and parties.
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# Description Distance
2 (6221, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
1 (6211EV, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.89 km
3 (6211, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.08 km
12 (Jekerweg, 6212, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.55 km
401 (3770, Riemst, Flanders, Belgium) 6.37 km
411 (4600, Visé, Wallonia, Belgium) 9.07 km


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