Nature between Winterswijk and Lichtenvoorde

Cycling in Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands

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Lichtenvoorde is a fascinating town. It has an interesting history; it belonged to the Diocese of Münster and has a Roman Catholic slant. There is a gigantic boulder weighing more than 20,000 kilos on the Lichtenvoorde market. This boulder was placed there in 1874 in honor of the 25th anniversary of King Willem III's reign. It took 99 people to drag the stone from theQuesterveld to the center of Lichtenvoorde. Lichtenvoorde owes its nickname to this stone:'Keistad\\\'. The inhabitants are also called'keienslöppers\\\' (boulder tugs). The lion placed on top of the stone refers to the coat of arms of the Lords of Bronkhorst. Over the years, the lion has been replaced twice. In the summer, two major events attract tens of thousands of visitors to Lichtenvoorde. The largest paid music festival, Zwarte Cross, and the Lichtenvoorde flower parade are always great fun. The flower parade is on the list of the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which ensures the continued existence of this event. Korenburgerveen is a nature reserve just northwest of Winterswijk. It is largely in the hands of the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten and the area mainly consists of raised moors, swamp forest, heathland and nutrient-poor grasslands. Wool grass grows in the area and you look out over endless yellow seas of curled milk thistle. Two bird species that you will find a lot are the lesser spotted woodpecker and the hawk. In the swampy areas you can come across a grass snake here and there. But also in Winterwijk itself you will find sights that are more than worth the effort. The Olliemölle is a water mill that used to belong to the property of the Heerlijkheid Borculo. The Meenkmolen is a flour mill in a hamlet of Winterwijk (Miste). The flour mill was built in 1851 and was named after the farmer who drained it and lived on the property. The mill has always been leased by the Woordes family, who bought the mill in 1952. The octagonal mill stands on an elevation, which is characteristic of belt mills. The grain that is ground in the mill in 2014 is produced by voluntary millers. For a relaxing cycling holiday, book a stay at Buitengewoon Lievelde, at the starting point of this cycling tour. Modern holiday homes are equipped with luxurious facilities, such as underfloor heating and solar panels. Or how about a Finnish sauna, or a jacuzzi where you can bubble with seven people? You can see far away from the terrace, because the holiday homes are surrounded by meadows. It is a wonderful base for cycling trips, and a place where you can'come home\\\'. With a stay you make use of our cycling package, because route 178475 also starts and ends at Buitengewoon Lievelde.
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# Description Distance
Buitengewoon Lievelde (7137 NC, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
32 (7137MZ, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 2.90 km
33 (7137PE, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.75 km
33 (7137PE, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.82 km
5 (7134RK, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 7.24 km
5 (7104GL, Winterswijk, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 7.69 km

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  • Oost Gelre, Gelderland
  • Winterswijk, Gelderland
  • Aalten, Gelderland
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