The County Route West

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Zutphen
  • 54.85 km (Approximately 03:13 u)
  • Cycling route 141111

The County Route West

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Zutphen
  • 54.85 km (Approximately 03:13 u)
  • Cycling route 141111
This versatile round between Zutphen and Deventer takes you past a number of the many stately Havezathes and country houses that this area is rich in. You cycle over the beautiful dikes and along the flat floodplains on the winding banks of the IJssel and you ride through fields and fields, interspersed with pieces of forest and heath. Huis de Voorst was built around 1700. It fell prey to a major fire in 1943. The interior could not be restored, but the 17th-century appearance on the outside could. Eye-catchers are now the lead domed roof and the impressive colonnades. You can walk on the estate and enjoy countless plant and animal species. Along the canal you can see the shimmering blue of the kingfisher and bats hibernate in the restored ice cellar. The rare triangular fern grows in the park forest and all kinds of wall plants grow in the quay wall. You can get married on the estate and you can stay overnight in bridal suites and hotel rooms. Windmill Geertruida Cornelia is a round stone ground sailer from 1893. The mill was in operation until 1935. In 2000 it was thoroughly restored and today the mill is in operation on Saturdays. The flour from the mill is for sale there. The oldest mention of the former Dorth castle dates from 1311. The house fell into disrepair in the 18th and 19th centuries and was completely demolished. The house that stands there now was built in 1928. It cannot be visited, but the estate is freely accessible. You can still recognize the construction of the old moat in the landscape. Huize't Ross was built at the end of the 19th century in the Neo-Renaissance style. In addition to the country house, the country estate includes a coach house, a barn, a fruit wall and a number of monumental trees. The house cannot be visited. The Warkense Molen was built in 1878. The flour mill was fitted with a petroleum engine in 1899 to enable it to grind when there is no wind, and in 1922 the drive was taken over by a crude oil engine. In 1965 the mill was restored and raised with a stone base. This thatched groundsailer is usually open to the public on Saturdays.


# Description Distance
1 (7205AS, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
10 (7201JK, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.68 km
40 (7202LD, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.27 km
98 (7202CW, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 4.25 km
96 (7202CW, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 4.39 km
34 (7213LL, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 8.64 km


Molen Geertruida Cornelia

Geertruida Cornelia
7213LM Lochem

This ground sailor dates from the end of the 19th century. The permit to build this mill was applied for in 1893, but the mill was not completed until 1895. This was because the applicant for the permit had died in the meantime. In 1896, a machine grinder was installed next to the mill. In 1935 the mill came to a standstill because a rod was broken. Both rods were then removed and the machine mill took over all the work of the mill until 1972. In this year the mill broke and therefore nothing was ground at all in the mill complex. From 1998 the mill and the accompanying miller's house were restored on a large scale. First the masonry and foundation were tackled, then the beams were replaced and the floors renewed, new crawling posts were dug in and new grass was sown and even the paving around the mill was renewed. The opening of the new mill took place on 1 July 2000.

Huize 't Ross

't Ross 14
7245 NK Lochem

Huize 't Ross is located in the quiet and green area between Laren and Lochem. It cannot be said with certainty, but this country estate was probably founded in 1700 by the Dumbar family from Deventer. This family was of Scottish descent, which may explain the name of this mansion. Ross is the name of a county in Scotland. The house was rebuilt in 1867 and in 1890 an upper floor was built on top of the former house. At the beginning of the 20th century, the manor and the land around it were sold. A large part of the forests were also cleared.

Museum STAAL

Groot Have 39
7218 AC Lochem

Thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers, Museum STAAL can tell beautiful stories about Almen and its surroundings, 'the land of Staring', based on the life and works of ACW Staring and his family. With a lot of commitment and knowledge, volunteers guide activities, give guided tours and workshops, supervise and talk enthusiastically about the museum. Without these active and motivated volunteers, the exploitation of the museum is not possible.

De Warkense Molen

Warkense Molen
7231PK Zutphen

The Warkense Molen was built in 1878. Fairly soon after construction, the mill was assisted by a petroleum engine to be able to grind even when there was no wind. This engine was installed in 1899 in a small engine room inside the mill. In 1922 a larger engine room was built outside the mill. This room is still there between the mill and the bakery museum. Yet for a long time wind power played the leading role in this mill. Later only in wartime milling was done exclusively on wind power. For the rest, milling was mainly done with machine grinding companies. In the 1980s, wind-powered milling was last used for the animal feed company when the machine mill was temporarily broken. The mill has been restored several times over the years. For example, the wooden blades of the mill were replaced by metal blades and the wooden mill shaft was replaced by a cast iron shaft.

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