Castle route between Utrecht and Woerden

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht
  • 60.02 km (Approximately 03:31 u)
  • Cycling route 139870

Castle route between Utrecht and Woerden

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht
  • 60.02 km (Approximately 03:31 u)
  • Cycling route 139870
From De Meern you can easily cycle into the countryside around Utrecht. You drive through a typical landscape of rectangular meadows and ditches. In Montfoort you can take a look at the outer bailey of what was once a large castle. Further on you cycle into Woerden. Woerden Castle is located on Defense Island, a peninsula in the canal. The fortress originally dates from 1415. Along the Oude Rijn you drive back into the polders. It's wonderfully peaceful cycling here! Via Kockengen you drive to Breukelen. You can see some beautiful buildings on the Vecht. De Haar Castle is the end of this route: it is the largest castle in the Netherlands. After disembarking, enjoy a meal at Brazzerie Abrona.


# Description Distance
Brazzerie Abrona (Haarlerberg, 3453 RG, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
76 (3454 JZ, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 1.93 km
77 (3454HP, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.23 km
79 (3401NT, IJsselstein, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 7.14 km
89 (3417BT, Montfoort, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 12.35 km
98 (IJsselplein, 3417XC, Montfoort, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 14.00 km

Pause places

Brazzerie Abrona

Haarlerberg 56C
3453 RG Utrecht

At BraZZerie & Bakkerij Abrona you can enjoy an authentic experience in the former Nyevelt farm. The monumental building, with the beautiful oak beams in the ceiling, is located in the Veldhuizen district in Vleuten-De Meern. Despite the modern architecture of the area, the characteristic food farm of Nyevelt Castle continues to stand out. Come by for a drink, high tea or fresh bread from the bakery.

Abrona Kunst & Koffie

Nieuwstraat 12
3628 AC Stichtse Vecht

Abrona Kunst & Koffie is a cozy lunch cafe in Kockengen. Abrona is located in a small old church from 1879. As small, cozy and cozy as this monumental building looks from the outside, it is on the inside too. You can enjoy coffee, cake, a High Tea or the dishes from the lunch menu inside, but also outside on the terrace. People with intellectual disabilities and/or who are at a distance from the labor market work at Abrona. They are enthusiastic and full of passion for you and are always up for a nice chat. The dishes are prepared by them with love.



3417JA Montfoort

Independently fortified building from the Middle Ages that was easily defended at that time and in the past was mostly inhabited by the noble families of the Netherlands

Kasteel Woerden

3441BZ Woerden

The most impressive monument in Woerden. Kings, dukes, maids and warlords consulted, feasted, dined and slept here

Ridderhofstad Gunterstein

3621NE Stichtse Vecht

Ridderhofstad Gunterstein was built in 1680 on the ruins of a medieval castle from 1300 that was demolished in 1511 to use the stones for something else. At the same time as construction, a park was created next to the house, which was partly turned into an English landscape park in the 19th century. The entire site is no less than 115 hectares. Walk on the winding paths between ancient trees and enjoy the view of the house via the Lange Lindelaan.


3621BG Stichtse Vecht

Oudaen is a former knight court town on the river Vecht. The house probably dates from the 13th century and it was probably founded by the Van Loendersloot family.

Den Ham

3451RG Utrecht

Only the high tower (15th century) built in the 3rd construction phase is still present.

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