Cuijk, Gennep and Boxmeer

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Bergen
  • 50.35 km (Approximately 02:57 u)
  • Cycling route 136569

Cuijk, Gennep and Boxmeer

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Bergen
  • 50.35 km (Approximately 02:57 u)
  • Cycling route 136569

Cuijk is located on the Maas, an elongated village that continued to expand and took up more of the riverbank. To the south, the swamp forests form a gateway to the hamlet and nature reserve Zevenhut, which covers 85 hectares. Copious woods and fields with beautiful woods predominate here. The trees attract various breeding birds to Zevenhuisjes. The yellowhammer, the nightingale, the blackthroat and the warbler are birds that like to build their nests in the bushes along the fields. According to an interesting legend, Cuijk once had city rights, but the village sold them to Grave. Actual evidence for this story is lacking. Nevertheless, Grave is now a city, and Cuijk is still often referred to as'former city\\\'.

In the former city you can see the Jan van Cuijk windmill. This brick belt corn mill was built in 1860 and has the status of a national monument. The mill was mainly used to grind corn and since 1942 it has been equipped with the Bussel System on both rods. The mill has been fitted with brake valves since 1945. Volunteer millers regularly run the mill on Saturdays. In Boxmeer you can see another interesting building. This used to be a real fortress, with a view over the Meuse, but after several sieges and destructions, a noble manor was built on this site of the castle. In this building, noble and religious worlds come together: today it sheds light on the history and the prominent former owners and paints a picture of the way of life of the current pious residents. 


# Description Distance
Eetwinkel Het Eendje (Dorpsstraat, 5851 AG, Bergen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
34 (5851AP, Bergen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.35 km
38 (5827AD, Boxmeer, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.72 km
4 (5836BB, Boxmeer, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 4.16 km
17 (het Zand, 5831HH, Boxmeer, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 5.82 km
Kasteelmuseum Boxmeer (Veerstraat, 5831JN, Boxmeer, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 6.52 km

Pause places

Eetwinkel Het Eendje

Dorpsstraat 9
5851 AG Bergen

Eetwinkel Het Eendje is a cozy bicycle cafe where you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink before or after your active day. In good weather you can use the beautiful terrace in the sun. The food shop is a great base or stopover for lovely walks through De Maasduinen National Park. Or take the ferry across the Maas and take a bike ride to the beautiful authentic villages of Northeast Brabant. The owners also opened the Dorpswinkel Afferden in May 2020, an asset to the village!

IJs & Spijs

Burgemeester van Hultenstraat 1a
5443 AP Cuijk

IJs & Spijs is one of the best ice cream parlors in the Netherlands. Enjoyment is central here, relax and wonder in a tiny village in Brabant, in Haps. Ice cream and chocolate are made here with passion and love, usually slightly different from all the others. The Master Ice Cream Maker is better known here as an ice cream wizard. Haps is a nice base or stopover in the triangle Cuijk, Mill and Boxmeer, in Northeast Brabant. A beautiful and authentic area to explore by bike or on foot!

Restaurant Horizon

Cantheelen 4
5431 DP Cuijk

Maral and Nikos welcome you to the website of their new restaurant on the Maasboulevard in Cuijk. With a fantastic view over the Maas. Not only in the evening for dinner, but also during the day during lunch or enjoying yourself on the terrace during your cycling or walking route.


Kasteelmuseum Boxmeer

Veerstraat 49
5831JN Boxmeer

No fewer than two cultural institutions are located in Boxmeer Castle. The Museum Gemeente Boxmeer and the Castle Museum of the Congregation of the Sisters of Julie Postel. In the museum you will learn everything about Boxmeer's rich history. There are various archaeological finds from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages to admire, as well as Roman coins. The Castle Museum tells more about the eventful history of the castle and its inhabitants. As far back as Roman times, a castellum lay here on a motte, a man-made elevation in the landscape. Due to its strategic position at the borders of Germany and the province of Limburg, there was a castle on this spot in the Middle Ages, which was regularly besieged, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. In the eighteenth century, a country house was eventually built in its place, while the old seventeenth-century knights' hall was preserved. This section can still be visited under the guidance of a guide.

Jan van Cuijk

Jan van Cuijk 4
5431 HJ Cuijk

This flour mill was built in 1860 and is used to produce flour from cereals.

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