Bicycle 4 Days Discover the Achterhoek Lochem Barchem Vorden

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Lochem
  • 48.45 km (Approximately 02:50 u)
  • Cycling route 1271332

Bicycle 4 Days Discover the Achterhoek Lochem Barchem Vorden

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Lochem
  • 48.45 km (Approximately 02:50 u)
  • Cycling route 1271332


# Description Distance
Boetiek Hotel BonAparte (Lochemseweg, 7244 RR, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
52 (7244RT, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 1.12 km
53 (7244RB, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 1.96 km
55 (7244AW, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 2.73 km
58 (7244NV, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 4.09 km
75 (7244NK, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 6.33 km

Pause places

Boetiek Hotel BonAparte

Lochemseweg 37
7244 RR Lochem

Boutique Hotel BonAparte is located at the foot of the Lochemse Berg in a monumental building from 1870. Between the meadows, forests, fens and the babbling brooks of the Achterhoek, the perfect environment to gain new energy with a brisk walk or bike ride. Let yourself be culinary spoiled in the restaurant or in the brasserie. If you are curious about Gelderland regional products, you have come to the right place. A princely night's sleep at Hotel BonAparte is also recommended: you can relax your muscles in the swimming pool and sauna in the hotel.

Restaurant Cafe Gastronomie De Luifel

Dorpsstraat 11
7261 AT Berkelland

Restaurant Cafe Gastronomy De Luifel is a cozy cafe-restaurant in the middle of the beautiful village of Ruurlo. An environment where you can enjoy walking and cycling through the extensive forests and the peaceful landscape. And where you can enjoy unexpected moments of silence and natural beauty. At Restaurant Cafe Gastronomie De Luifel you can settle down to regain your strength, of course on the terrace when the weather is nice. Order a coffee or, if you get hungry, a nice meal. You can park for free at De Luifel throughout the day.

Overdekt Belevingspark CactusOase

Jongermanssteeg 6
7261 KA Berkelland

When you enter CactusOase Covered Experience Park, you enter a true cactus paradise of 6000m2. In this park there are cacti in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, with flowers, without flowers and so on. Other plants in the experience park are, for example, Aloe Vera plants and the so-called'elephant's foot\\\' plant. You will also find some special, constantly changing exhibitions at CactusOase. Think, for example, of exhibitions of works of art with Native Americans on them, an exhibition about the cultural history of Ruurlo or an exhibition about the shoemaker's craft. Since 2009, the railway model building association de Seinpaal has been meeting in the experience park to work on model railways. You can view three of these lanes in the experience park and two lanes you can even drive yourself. One of the trains that runs around here is Thomas the Tank Engine, a well-known character among young train enthusiasts. Take a look at CactusOase or book one of the many workshops that you can follow here.

Hotel Bakker

Dorpsstraat 24
7251 BB Bronckhorst

Hotel Bakker is located in the castle village of Vorden in the Achterhoek. The hotel is an ideal place to stay for cycling and walking enthusiasts, because it is close to the Hoge Veluwe. Enjoy the whole day in the beautiful nature and afterwards relax at Hotel Bakker. That sounds like a nice day, right? Bakker is located in a monumental building surrounded by a beautiful garden with a fountain and terraces where you can sit. The comfortable rooms are classically furnished and fully equipped. It is a real family hotel, so feel free to bring your whole family for a pleasant weekend in the Achterhoek. Furthermore, dogs are also welcome in this hotel. Handy if you want to go out with your four-legged friend. Are you only in this area for a day? Come and have a bite to eat at Hotel Bakker. Delicious roosters, asparagus in the spring and game specialties in the autumn and winter can be found on the menu and the rest of the menu is full of surprising dishes.



Beekvliet 1
7271 PB Berkelland

Beekvliet is a beautiful estate with farmland, forests and canals between Barchem and Borculo. Go out here and enjoy the varied nature that you encounter. There are many old summer oak trees in the forest.


7271BB Berkelland

Groentepluktuin gemeentehuis

Gemeentehuis Berkelland 1
7271 AX Berkelland

Expositie Stenen en Mineralen De Molen

Lange Molenstraat
7271BK Berkelland

M83 - Borculo - Het hof te Borculo

7271AT Berkelland

The Hof te Borculo dates from the 11th or 12th century. There was once a large castle here, but it was demolished around 1760. The castle was in fact very dilapidated around that time. Only the cellars have been preserved from demolition. The castle had a strategic position on a sand ridge on the bank where the Berkel and the Leerinbeek converged. The Bishop of Munster is probably the one who ordered the building of the castle. A country house with the same name as the castle was built on top of the castle's foundations. In 1777 the manor of Borculo and the accompanying country house were bought by Prince Willen V of Orange-Nassau. A few decades later, in 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte had his imperial horse farm established in Borculo. There is now very little to be seen of the castle of Borculo. Only the foundations of it are still in the ground, but they cannot be seen through the house that is built on it. The house is not open to the public.

Boerderijmuseum de Lebbenbrugge

7271NX Berkelland

In this museum you can see what an inhabited farmhouse looked like around 1900. Everything stands and lies exactly where it would have been in the past for a true-to-life image. Imagine yourself in a bygone era here.

Windmolen Agneta

Houtzaag- en Korenmolen 'AGNETA' 2
7261 BS Berkelland

This mill was built here in 1851 and originally it was a peeling, oil and flour mill. Today the mill is used as a saw and flour mill.

Oorlogsmonument Ruurlo

't Rikkelder
7261BC Berkelland

War memorial expanded with some details of historical or tourist interest

Doolhof Ruurlo

7261 LV Berkelland

Museum MORE - Ruurlo

Kasteel Huize Ruurlo 2
7261 LZ Berkelland

Ruurlo Castle, Museum MORE's second location, is now open to the public. The life and work of grandmaster Carel Willink is central to the castle. The set-up shows the development of a searching artist who later manages to develop as an unparalleled painter. In addition to 45 works by Carel Willink, five special creations by fashion designer Fong Leng are also on display. Are you planning to visit Museum MORE? You can perfectly combine this with a wonderful day in Gorssel. In the area you can enjoy hiking and cycling. You can also enjoy culinary delights. Castle Ruurlo is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


7251LV Bronckhorst

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