Alkmaar, Camperduin and Schoorldam

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Alkmaar
  • 55.50 km (Approximately 03:15 u)
  • Cycling route 121681

Alkmaar, Camperduin and Schoorldam

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Alkmaar
  • 55.50 km (Approximately 03:15 u)
  • Cycling route 121681
The Schoorlse Duinen offers a magnificent view over the North Sea, but also shows parts of Alkmaar and Bergen and leads through an extensive landscape of fields, dunes and forests. The heaths, which can also be found in this area, are unique in combination with the dunes. Nowhere in the Netherlands are they wider or higher than here. With a bit of luck you can see a sand lizard scurrying between the dunes, hear a pheasant or a nightjar chirping and you can enjoy tens of thousands of blooming orchids or 800 different types of mushrooms. The cozy narrow streets of Alkmaar are also a feast for the eyes. Beautiful courtyards and beautiful canals will amaze you, but what really sets Alkmaar apart is of course the cheese market and the cheese museum. Explore the"Cheese City\\\" with its historic center, which has no less than 700 municipal and 339 national monuments. From the starting point of the cycle route, you head for the Harger windmill, which was built in 1904 to drain the Harger and Pettemer polders. The thatched, eight-sided windmill is an inside porter, which is not uncommon among North Holland polder windmills. This ground sailer was built to replace a mill that was defunct in 1799 and until 1962 it operated exclusively by wind power. The second mill you will encounter during the bike ride is ground sailer Groeter, or the Groetermolen. The octagonal inner porter was built in 1890 to drain the Groeterpolder, which had 220 hectares. Until 1977, the plump mill only operated on wind power, but in that year an electric pump was installed to make grinding easier. This mill is also owned by the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier. The last sight on this route is also a mill. This is placed in Schoorldam and is called"Kijkduin\\\". There was already a mill on this spot in 1575, which is presumed to have been a standard mill. The current round, stone ground sailer was built in 1772 on a small elevation as a flour mill. The mill grinded grain on a professional basis until 1935, but when this stopped, the municipality of Bergen bought the mill and kept the building as a monument. Nowadays, Kijkduin grinds grain on a voluntary basis and flour products are sold. When the mill is running, it can also be viewed from the inside. When you return to the starting point of the route, you can have your bike checked thoroughly at Profile Hans de Boer. As a true bicycle enthusiast, it is important to maintain your steel horse well and at this bicycle specialist you also get a 10 euro discount on a service or repairs to your bicycle.


# Description Distance
Profile Hans de Boer (Europaboulevard, 1825SH, Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
71 (1825AT, Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands) 1.37 km
49 (1861ER, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 5.97 km
48 (1861GJ, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 6.84 km
47 (1871PA, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 11.09 km
46 (Schoorlse Zeeweg, 1871GZ, Bergen (NH), North Holland, The Netherlands) 13.23 km

Pause places

Profile Hans de Boer

1825SH Alkmaar

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1871PN Bergen (NH)

This polder mill dates from 1804. It is the replacement of a mill that was lost in 1799 during combat between an Anglo-Russian army and the French occupiers.

De Groetermolen

1754KS Bergen (NH)

The Groetermolen is an octagonal interior barber dating from 1890. Until 1977, this mill drained the 220-hectare Groeterpolder on the Schermerboezem on wind power.

Molen Kijkduin

1871CD Bergen (NH)

This flour mill from 1772 replaced a mill from the sixteenth century. The mill has been open to the public every Saturday since 1982.

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