The blue heart of Groningen

  • The Netherlands
  • Groningen
  • Oldambt
  • 26.54 km (Approximately 01:33 u)
  • Cycling route 115075

The blue heart of Groningen

  • The Netherlands
  • Groningen
  • Oldambt
  • 26.54 km (Approximately 01:33 u)
  • Cycling route 115075

Blauwestad was created on the drawing board in the late 1980s. The former agricultural area was empty and there was a lot of unemployment. The Blue City project was intended to counteract this. The 800-hectare Oldambtmeer was created on the former farmland. 350 hectares of new nature also appeared. You can admire this modern and unique example of landscape design from a bicycle. Wide views over the water alternate with young forests. Around the Oldambtmeer you drive through some beautiful old villages. In Beerta you pass, among other things, the late Gothic St. Bartholomew's Church, which was originally built in 1506. The Church of Midwolda dates from 1738. The Ennemaborg is also on your route. The route ends at Camping De Bouwte.


# Description Distance
Camping De Bouwte (Hoofdweg, 9681 AH, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
57 (9681BG, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.98 km
10 (Hoofdweg, 9681AP, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 2.78 km
12 (9682 PB, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 3.02 km
12 (9682 PB, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 3.39 km
14 (Klinkerstraat, 9682RG, Oldambt, Groningen, The Netherlands) 4.71 km

Pause places

Camping De Bouwte

Hoofdweg 20 A
9681 AH Oldambt

Discover a surprising region in Groningen and come camping at Camping de Bouwte. Camping de Bouwte is a large green campsite located next to the Midwolderbos and surrounded by nature. A place where it is like coming home. The campsite has a beautiful swimming lake where you can relax. Cool off in the water or sunbathe on the sunbathing lawns. Has spacious camping pitches. And in addition, beautiful rental options on the water which can be rented all year round. The campsite has an eatery"de Joker\\\" where it is good to have lunch, a snack, ice cream and dinner. You can also enjoy buffets and barbecues with larger groups by appointment.


Sint-Bartholomeuskerk, hervormd


A late Gothic church, but without frivolous tracery in the windows: no frequent steps or fish blowing. Completed in 1506 as a rectangular hall church, without a waist: nave and straight-cut choir merge seamlessly. Inside, the church is interesting with a Renaissance pulpit, the organ from 1862 and the carved tombstones

Key address (es):
K. Weber, Tjammestraat 2, 9686 RM, BEERTA, tel. 0597-331215

L. Peeters, 121 Hoofdstraat, 9686 PH, BEERTA, tel. 0597-332340

Sleuteladres K. Weber

9686RM Oldambt

Old abandoned churches that you can visit independently by collecting the key from the keepers of the monument.

Key address for viewing:
Saint Bartholomew's Church, reformed, Hoofdstraat 257a, 9686 PC, BEERTA


Ennemaborg 100
9681AB Oldambt

The Ennemaborg was built in 1391 as a medieval fortification. After a renovation in 1708, the building was used as a country house. The Ennemaborg is spaciously surrounded by nature. There is a two hundred year old beech tree and many stinzen plants bloom on the lawn in the spring. Behind the house is a large forest with a pond in it, which in earlier times was probably part of the former canal.

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