Castle gardens route near Arcen

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Horst aan de Maas
  • 41.81 km (Approximately 02:27 u)
  • Cycling route 114944

Castle gardens route near Arcen

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Horst aan de Maas
  • 41.81 km (Approximately 02:27 u)
  • Cycling route 114944

A beautiful route through rural areas and nature, along the beautifully landscaped gardens of Kasteel Arcen. On the way you cross the Maas twice with a ferry!

Castle Arcen
The wooded area of North Limburg is an oasis of peace and space and offers many opportunities to discover this area by bike: from the Maasduinen National Park to the Black water near Velden. From Tienray you cycle past heaths, forests, fens and asparagus fields to Broekhuizen, where you cross the Maas with a ferry. Across the street you will find Arcen, known for De Kasteeltuinen. A nice place to get off for a while!

The maas
After your visit to the beautifully landscaped gardens at Kasteel Arcen, you will pass another special historic spot further on: the only completely preserved double fort of the Fossa canal, recognizable by the large earth walls at the border crossing at Lingsfort. After Velden you take the ferry to Grubbenvorst.


# Description Distance
53 (Swolgenseweg, 5871CR, Horst aan de Maas, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
56 (5872AG, Horst aan de Maas, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.97 km
70 (Kruisweg, 5944EN, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.44 km
25 (5944AH, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.17 km
93 (Lingsforterweg, 5944BN, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 4.64 km
Kasteeltuinen Arcen (Het Koetshuis, 5944 BE, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 5.06 km

Pause places

IJssalon Clevers Tienray

Spoorstraat 1
5865 AE Horst aan de Maas

The newest ice cream parlor of Limburg is located in Tienray. Here you may find the best ice cream in Limburg. Clevers is locally world famous for its delicious preparations. In season you can enjoy the lovely terrace in this picturesque center. In short, an ideal resting point for your beautiful cycling and walking tours in this beautiful region. In winter they have limited opening hours and are closed in January and February.


Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Het Koetshuis
5944 BE Venlo

Castle Gardens Arcen, located in the picturesque village of Arcen in the beautiful Maasduinen of North Limburg, is one of the most versatile flower and plant parks in Europe. Let your senses stimulate, experience the history and discover the more than 15 unique gardens that have been laid out around a historic country estate with a 17th century castle. Castle Gardens Arcen is more than beautiful flora and fauna. You enjoy a wonderful day out for the whole family. Visit one of our events, walk on the beaten track or just outside it and relax in one of our catering establishments. There is also plenty of fun for children. They go on a voyage of discovery in the park with the treasure hunt, show their skills on the adventurously designed miniature golf course, romp on the playing beach with a pull raft and feed the animals in the petting meadow.

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