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Grab the bike and taste, experience and discover the Parel aan de Vliet. There is plenty to do; you will discover the silver past of the village and cycle past many monuments that are explained in this online cycling route. Discover the beautiful parks, grab a terrace on the Voorstraat and walk through the castle gardens of Castle Duivenvoorde, en route on this experience route that takes you past farmlands and water. The information boards in Voorschoten give you information about the historical locations in the village center and on the route.

With the connection to the canals of Leiden, this route is 26 km, a circle of Voorschoten from TOP Voorschoten is 17 km. & Nbsp;

The Silver Factory

When you drive from Leiden to Voorschoten, the Silver Factory is on your right-hand side when you enter the village. The white building is recognizable by its elongated shape with stepped gables at both ends. The founder of the factory was the Utrecht businessman Johannes M. van Kempen III. His workshop there had become too small and the municipality of Utrecht did not give permission for his expansion plans. That is why he moved with his family to Voorschoten in 1857, where he was given the opportunity to carry out his grand plans. The location of the new silver factory was ideal for Van Kempen because of its location in the greenery and near the water (De Vliet) and the railway line. From here he could trade. He bought the Berbice estate and the grounds adjacent to it. There he had his Silver Factory built.

The significance of the Silver Factory for Voorschoten
The arrival of the Silver Factory would give Voorschoten a completely different look. From the start - in 1858 - the business went well for the company; it had to be expanded regularly, until the building got its final shape around 1900. Johannes van Kempen III was not only a smart businessman but also a socially inspired man from his Christian philosophy of life. Van Kempen wanted a factory with machines that were powered by steam. Before that time it was very progressive. Good working conditions had to be created for the workers, which is why large windows and gas lighting were installed. This allowed them to work longer working days.

In addition to good working conditions, Van Kempen also ensured good living conditions by setting up a health insurance fund, a widow's fund and a pension fund.
Relaxation was obtained by joining the Benvenuto music association; the musical instruments were paid for by the company. In addition, every summer the entire staff made a joint trip around the country at the expense of the company, with pay.

His successors from the van Kempen family continued the business on the same foot. They had, among other things, fourteen houses built (now part of Leidseweg to Hofweg) and five houses next to the Silver Factory for the higher staff. People enjoyed working at the Silver Factory - from generation to generation.

The Silver Factory of "van Kempen en Begeer"
In 1919 the company merged with two other companies. After a reorganization in 1924, Carel Begeer was appointed Director General of the company. The Van Kempen family moves to The Hague. It was not until 1937 that Carel Begeer would live on Berbice with his family. Carel Begeer was much more of an artist than a businessman. He had received his artistic training as a silversmith in Germany, which then formed the basis of industrial product design. Begeer wanted to design products that were artistically responsible and attracted (international) artists to do so. The - sometimes unique - objects from his period as director are still highly regarded. The company made high-quality silverware such as dinnerware, cutlery, art objects. The silver factory also made many silver works for the royal family.

Places of interest in Voorschoten
In Voorschoten, which is also called Parel aan de Vliet, the story of the silver history in the village can still be seen. Various sights on this cycle route tell the story. With highlights such as the Silver Factory and Buitenplaats Berbice - which are open to the public during Heritage Days (contemporary companies are located in the Silver Factory). But also Museum Voorschoten (silver exhibition at the end of 2019) and Duivenvoorde Castle, where silverware from the factory can be seen.

This route is suitable for all ages. The route leads past various playgrounds and parks, allowing for many drop-off times. In Leiden, the bicycle tour takes you past the Tuin van de Smid, an initiative of a blacksmith who has now realized an organic eating and playing location in the park.

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Watch the promotional film of Voorschoten - Wassenaar here.

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# Description Distance
11 (2313JG, Leiden, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
70 (2313DZ, Leiden, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.25 km
16 (Cronesteyn, 2322LH, Leiden, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.60 km
9 (2321JJ, Leiden, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.15 km
77 (2251LS, Voorschoten, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.51 km
Buitenplaats Berbice (2253 AE, Voorschoten, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.98 km

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  • Leiden, South Holland
  • Voorschoten, South Holland
  • Leidschendam-Voorburg, South Holland


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