Denmark: Berlin - Copenhagen: Capitals and beautiful nature

Cycling in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Cycling route 1016099

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2571 15
734.8 km
43:13 h
12953 kcal
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The cycling route between Berlin and Copenhagen has many cultural and natural highlights that you can discover. The route is around 650 km and leads through, among other things, nature parks and forests on quiet, well-cyclable or unpaved cycle paths. Endless views of untouched nature.

Bikeway Berlin
Two pulsating European metropolises, 700 km of cycling and a short sea journey across the Baltic Sea - the Berlin-Copenhagen international bicycle route connects the German with the Danish capital, three idyllic regions and a lot of friendly people. It offers endless views of untouched nature, many opportunities to swim and enjoy life, to discover a few surprises and to make new discoveries. Globetrotters can look forward to a dozen days (or more) of adventures and discoveries in Copenhagen, Eastern Denmark, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and Berlin.

A holiday in Denmark means enjoying the local opportunities. Leave the car and explore the area by bicycle. You can of course take bicycles with you from home or rent them on the spot. Often nice trips have been mapped out and you only have to follow the directions, but you can also go on an adventure yourself and see where you end up.

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# Description Distance
Under the linden trees, 10117, Berlin, Berlin, Germany 0.00 km
Thorshavnsgade, 1559, Kopenhagen, Hoofdstad, Denemarken 734.76 km

Place name directory

  • Berlin, Berlin
  • Berlijn, Berlijn
  • Birkenwerder, Brandenburg
  • Oranienburg, Brandenburg
  • Liebenwalde, Brandenburg
  • Zehdenick, Brandenburg
  • Gransee, Brandenburg
  • Fürstenberg/Havel, Brandenburg
  • Wustrow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Wesenberg, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Mirow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Kratzeburg, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Ankershagen, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Schloen-Dratow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Waren (Müritz), Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Jabel, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Drewitz, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Dobbin-Linstow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Kuchelmiß, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Zehna, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Mühl Rosin, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Güstrow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Zepelin, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Bützow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Schwaan, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Pölchow, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Rostock, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
  • Marrebæk, Seeland
  • Store Damme, Seeland
  • Lille Bissinge, Seeland
  • Viemose, Seeland
  • Gammel Tappernøje, Seeland
  • Lund, Seeland
  • Avedøre Landsby, Hoofdstad
  • Kopenhagen, Hoofdstad
  • Greve Strand, Seeland
  • Strøby, Seeland
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